the Surprising Persisting Spirit of

born in the Netherlands of the roaring sixties, Supersister became a local legend in the early seventies with their first single ‘ She was Naked’ , followed by 4 remarkable albums that even more established their unique place in the music scene during their existence, coming to a first ending in 1974.

 during that first period the group developed its new, very own language of European orientated pop music and spreading their music internationally, received well by not the least people like John Peel and cooperating with trendsetting companies like the Netherlands Dance Theatre.

 their reappearance on the LA Progfest in 1999 followed by the live DVD Supersisterious (live in Amsterdam) in 2000 proved that their music didn’t lose a bit of its crispy edge. What blew away the success of this reunion was the sudden loss of flutist Sacha van Geest that same year.  10 years later Supersister showed her ‘Surprising Persisting Spirit’  by appearing as a trio on Dutch television. This however appeared really to be the last time.Bass player Ron van Eck had been fighting for his life for some 3 years but still lost in the end.
Memories Are New – each tim again, but not always pleasant… with very much Sacha, Ron and the timeless spirit and humor in mind that will always was part of Supersister music and live appearances, we sadly regret the fact the it may be over now for real, though at the same time we realize that the unique power Supersister-music showed through the last decades may result in – who knows what kind of – new ways of performing it…

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