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on May 3 the NITS had a-so-far-only-once-in-a-lifetime experience in the Züricher Spielhaus Theater, where the NITS-trubute project ISN’T NITS
enfolded as a beautiful overwhelming mind opening musical event…
Beforehand Eric Facon, Beda Senn, Oli Hartung and Derron Hayne had realised
the recording of 51 (!) NITS songs by not only Swiss artists, but also people from
ao Great Britain, Canada, resulting in the great 3CD ‘ISN’T NITS’. The live performance however of a choice of artists** at the Schauspielhaus together with the NITS themselves resulted in a highly moving and over surprising music night,
+not tio forget the beautiful visuals…

2014 isnt_nits_nite_A3_19021401-e8081590**Mario Batkovic, Baum, Big Zis, Sarah Bowman, Christian Brantschen, Fiona Daniel, Reza Dinally, Fatima Dunn, Hans Feigenwinter, Mich Gerber, Shirley Grimes, Fritz Hauser, Simon Ho, Jurczok 1001, Vera Kappeler, Lena Kiepenheuer, NITS, Gus MacGregor, Nadja Stoller, Ray Wilko, Nadja Zela and ISNT the Band.
– The 3CD ISN’T NITS is for sale at the ISN’T NITS site and at the NITS site.
see Facebook  for live pix of Steve Groom 2014 ISN'T NITS 1 steve groom