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‘angst’ nieuwe NITS CD !

Na de ’40 Jaar Nits tour’ en live CD ‘Hotel Europa’ kwam op 15 september de nieuwe studio NITS CD ‘angst’ uit – de band is er gepast trots op en staat ook in de start blokken om de 10 nieuwe songs die op ‘angst’ staan ook live te spelen tijdens de NITS tour 17/18 – met zo’n 90 optredens in binnen en buitenland… (zie agenda) het is een dermate bijzondere plaat geworden dat beluisteren beter is dan er over te lezen…  iedereen veel soorten van genoegen daarbij gewenst :) !

notes from RJS : ‘ this album came quite spontaneously…when we started the project after lots of touring and the wonderful but intensive Scapino project we expected to maybe create an EP , mini-album or maybe just a short movie or a book or … anything but a complete album, again… so it was a big surprise when, after  recording the ‘usual’ this-year’s-improvisations the harvest appeared to be large… almost too large to listen to carefully and index the better ideas that were hiding in there. some recordings appeared to be almost-ready-and-quite-long-‘song stories’, like Yellow Socks and Angst and Radio Orange, while other parts that seemed more simple at first sight took quite some time to get them into a ‘final-right-NITS-shape’… One of the new musical inventions on this album is the ‘polymetric’ way of playing parts ‘through’ each other in stead of the usual straight ‘in time’ way – something one maybe only dares to do after recording more than 25 albums together :)  Inspired by tracks like Radio Orange and Yellow Socks and Angst , with their sometimes rather – unusual for NITS – nostalgic upcoming breezes, Henk designed a world of lyrics, most of them based on the many stories his mother told about life in and after the second world war, ( as well as impressions from the early NITS years )  ‘angst’ combines the emotions people faced in this post-war period and the new emotions we sometimes are forced to face nowadays…

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